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Discover our ongoing projects, case studies & articles with useful insights on sustainability, regenerative systems & other subjects that drive us...

Partnering up with like minded,  impactful & young companies

Click below to learn more about a 100% Swiss made collaboration between four engaged and passionate women! 

Written by Rebelle Consultancy

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Mater Fondazione's first Quarterly Report

We are happy to reveal the first objectives, key figures & achievements for Q1 in this detailed report. 

Written By Rebelle Consultancy 06/23

Rebelle Consultancy: A startup against Food Waste

This article sheds light on our debut as young disruptive entrepreneurs with a special focus on food waste management. Don't hesitate to visit the website for more information on local initiatives.

Written by Odile Habel 06/23

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Behind the scenes of the University Hospital of Geneva's (HUG) giant food service

Learn more about the gargantuan kitchens of the HUG & discover their environmental initiatives. 

Written By Rebelle Consultancy

Novotel Genève Centre's First Food Waste Quarterly Report

We are happy to reveal the first objectives, key figures & achievements for Q1 in this detailed report. 

Written By Rebelle Consultancy

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Mother Earth Day

For International Mother Earth day, we were curious about your understanding and perception of Mother Earth & so we asked within our tribe about  their thoughts on this notion.

Written by Rebelle's Tribe

IWD: The Story behind Rebelle

On International Women's day, we take the opportunity to tell you more about the story behind Rebelle!

You will find out more about our rebellious early stage, our branding, what inspires us and how we envision Rebelle's future.

Written By Rebelle Consultancy


Silo: The World's First Zero Waste Restaurant

This article will tell you more about the concept behind Silo and the radical mindset of its owner & chef Douglas McMaster as well as some tips on how to shift from an industrialism-oriented mindset to a Silo mindset!

Written By Christina Andersen 

Novotel Genève Centre & Their Commitment to Fighting
Food Waste

Follow Novotel's Genève Centre in their ongoing journey to fight food waste and raise awareness by certifying The Pledge TM on Food Waste.

Written By Rebelle Consultancy


Refettorio Geneva: Social Justice & Food Waste

Find out more about a unique restaurant: its social & environmental initiatives, its dedication to promote social justice & ingenious ways of reinventing food.

Written By Rebelle Consultancy

Framings of Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry:

A comparative case study using a systems perspective

This case study helps you to better understand the different framings of sustainability within the hospitality industry, comparing the approach of niche hotels and one of the world's leading hotel group.

Case Study By Jessica Mouilah

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Labisk.OT Sustainability Report

We accompanied Labisk.OT to create its first positive impactful steps in the fashion industry. Throughout this report you will see the brands commitment towards circular economy & actions at a social and environmental level.

Written by Jessica Mouilah

COVID-19: Making Businesses Sustainable is the New Norm

This article will give you a better understanding of what B Corp stands for, the importance to shift paradigms & why this certification should no longer be overlooked.

Written By Christina Andersen 



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