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Collaboration between KITRO & Rebelle Consultancy

We are happy to announce the collaboration between KITRO & Rebelle Consultancy!

Written By Rebelle Consultancy 11/23

KITRO and Rebelle Consultancy, two young startups in the field of sustainability and regenerative business models, both proudly Swiss and founded by four women, have teamed up to battle food waste. 













KITRO, born in 2017 from the brilliant minds of Anastasia and Naomi, is the AI-driven solution that is changing the game for food and beverage outlets worldwide.


They're all about automating data collection and analysis to combat food waste on a global scale. Their intuitive online dashboard delivers precise data with insightful pictures that enable their customers to reach a better understanding of what they are throwing away and how to overcome this malpractice.

Anastasia shares, "Success is all about building strong connections with like-minded individuals. KITRO's journey began with a simple yet powerful mission: to tackle food waste. And now, with Rebelle by our side, we're taking this incredible community even further!


KITRO’s impact in a few numbers:


On average, their customers see a reduction in food waste of 30% - 60% 

On average, each property using KITRO saves over 200kg of edible food per month

Since the birth of the foodtech, it has manage to save 507 tonnes of food


Our journey together began in September 2023 with the prestigious Prince de Galles in Paris, a gem from the Marriott Group's Luxury Hotel Collection. We introduced KITRO’s cutting-edge technology in the kitchens of the renowned chef Akira Back


Stay tuned, as we cannot wait to unveil the fantastic initiatives and best practices we're crafting with the Prince de Galles’ team. Together, we are striving to make a real change and transform their impact, turning them into dedicated and responsible leaders in the hospitality industry.


Let's make this movement against food waste a global sensation!

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Image from KITRO's website


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