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IWD: The Story behind Rebelle

On Beautiful International Women’s day*, we take the opportunity to tell you more about the story behind Rebelle!


You will find out more about our rebellious early age, our branding, what inspires us & how we envision Rebelle’s future.

*Bearing in mind that every day should be celebrated as International Women's day! 


written by Rebelle on 08/03/2023

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How do you see us, as young girls growing up? 


Wild hearts, free spirits & with a strong opinion. Christina & myself grew up together & were always perceived as rebellious from an early age, the troublemakers, the ones that would chit chat in the classroom, late to come to class after the breaks. Never under the radar, Christina being taller than everyone often including the teacher her/himself & me coming from a mixed cultural background. 



Very little has changed since our childhood, we are still curious, outspoken, joyful & free spirit, but always grounded with a great work ethic. After all, we are driven by our common passion for sustainability & our desire to leave this earth in a better shape than its actual state.


What does the idea of power mean to you?


I usually do not like using the word “power”, it reminds me of masculinity and capitalism and feels like it is used in the wrong way and is outdated. Power for me is allowing women to use their full potential, to be self confident without any boundaries, to be free of what others may think & to always be empathetic.



For me also the notion of power has somehow a negative connotation as I instinctively link it to colonisation & subordination.  

Personally and thanks to my mum, I always had a deep attachment to vulnerable populations; the Tibetans, and the Native Americans mostly. Understanding that other cultures functioning in a different way than the modern western countries had legitimacy & should be considered & respected. These core beliefs led me to enroll for an internship with an NGO focused on Human Rights advocacy, especially of vulnerable populations. This is when I understood  how deeply they were intrinsically linked with the protection of nature & our environment. 

From this point, I started my academic & professional journey towards sustainability hoping to have a positive impact socially & environmentally. 


What are your daily Mantras?

“My positive thoughts guide me to new heights.”, always.



“ All the seeds I have planted will inevitably blossom.”


Tell us more about Rebelle’s brand, how did you come up with it?


Rebelle has multiple meanings, all related to nature, our core mission, our personality and traits.


If you separate Re from Belle, it represents:

REcycle, REuse, REpurpose, REthink, REgenerate


the Belle represents beauty, femininity & Mother Earth.


On an aesthetic standpoint, the “R” of Rebelle represents a curl, it’s the Rebellious Curl. Jessica & myself have very curly hair in that sense, the logo really embodies our physical features & our renegade personality !!!


How does all this relate to what Rebelle offers?


As Maya Angelou would say with her poetic words, our mission in life as two Rebelles is:


“Not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”


We believe that at the end everything is interconnected! We have an outstanding privilege to be able to follow our dreams & passions, & have been enjoying accompanying our clients with lots of positive attitude without forgetting the quality of the work that we deliver. 

So far the ride has been mesmerizing.


What would be the ideal outcome of Rebelle?


To be able to educate & influence the young generations, but also the current leaders to become pioneers & avant-garde in a regenerative manner, so that they too, can spread the knowledge &  influence the shift towards a new paradigm. The approach we currently have is definitely depleted. We need more flamingos in a world full of pigeons.



Empower companies follow their dream & mission while protecting, respecting & regenerating our social & natural environment! Moreover, we would love to create a network where empowered women can exchange their expertise, best practices & together create synergies!


BE A                         

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