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Mother Earth Day

For International Mother Earth day, we were curious about your understanding & perception of Mother Earth, so we asked within our tribe about  their thoughts on this notion & gathered here some of the responses.

Written By Rebelle's Tribe 22/04/2023

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"Mother Earth is everything, the reason we breathe and live 🌳"


"Mother Earth has brought us to life & no matter what happens she will always survive & flourish"


"The notion of Mother Earth can have various interpretations, but in essence, it is the force that shields us and provides us with life and sustenance. Mother Earth's vigor is the source of life, tender yet impenetrable. Additionally, she serves as our cosmic teacher-as she will teach us a lesson if we mistreat her. Mother Earth can be seen as a form of karma for us - when we treat her poorly, she will give us a lesson to learn. 

The significance of Mother Earth is profound. She is like a protective shell

around us, giving us life and keeping us safe. Mother Earth is the vital force that brings all life into existence, delicate yet powerful. The essence  is one of protection and renewal. In a way, it is like a nursery for mankind, showing us what happens when treated unkindly.

Mother Earth is ultimately our teacher and guardian.

So Mother Earth is much more than just a concept; it is the reason for existence. "


"To me Mother Earth is the symbol of generosity and love. It gives unconditionally"


"Pachamama.. our home"


"Mother Earth is a breathing giant that feeds us, allows us to enjoy her wonders, unites us all around the clock of time and sometimes takes over us. Like a Mother, she gives much more than she takes."


"For me mother earth is the womb, an energy of care and nurture for every being."


"Mother Earth is the reminder to stay humble as our existence is and depends on her."


"Mother Earth is the source of energy that helps you survive good and bad moments. It’s the strength that comes from the willingness of people to be and connecting with a deeper meaning in life . It’s a sense of believing and trusting a greater good."


''It is the nurturing organ that entrenches us to the core essence of our being. it's the common ground we simply can't afford to lose.''


"Our Mother Earth, the Natives would tell you that you are a part of her and in this sense you can take what she offers you without abusing it in order to pass it on intact to future generations because just like the plants, the animals you are part of her and by destroying her you destroy yourself"


"For me it means nature, taking care of the environment and acknowledging that you are part of something bigger, that you have been created by nature/planet (like a child) and that you have to take care of it (like you would take care of a mother)."

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"Its the period cramps I feel right now but it’s also the sunshine🌞"


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